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China's vehicles in numbers
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China's vehicles in numbers

There were 8.91 million new-energy vehicles in China at the end of March, and the number of registered new energy vehicles is growing fast, according to the Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security.

In the first quarter, there were 1.11 million new registrations, an increase of 138.2 percent year-on-year, accounting for 16.91 percent of the total number of registrations during the period.

By the end of March, China had 402 million motor vehicles, 307 million of which were cars. In the first quarter, 9.34 million motor vehicles were registered, including 6.57 million cars and 2.71 million motorcycles.

There were 487 million drivers, 92.33 percent of them for cars. In the first quarter, 7.76 million drivers obtained licenses.

To carry out COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control work, public security traffic management departments continued to push 31 online services for drivers, with 5.63 million driver's licenses and vehicle registrations renewed and 3.93 million temporary license plates issued via the internet. Yi

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