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"Chinese Bridge" Chinese language proficiency competition held in Romania
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"Chinese Bridge" Chinese language proficiency competition held in Romania

The "Chinese Bridge" Chinese proficiency competition, an annual competition for non-Chinese college students, was held at the University of Bucharest on May 26.

Eighteen contestants from Romanian universities competed under the theme "One World, One Family," showcasing their love and understanding of the Chinese language and culture through speeches, Q&A and talent shows.

Ioana Mihai, a 22-year-old sophomore majoring in Chinese at the university, won the grand prize with her insights into building a "community of shared future for mankind," and the use of traditional Chinese cultural elements in her spirited presentation.

Chinese Ambassador to Romania Han Chunlin noted that the event coincides with the 75th anniversary of diplomatic relations and the 20th anniversary of a comprehensive friendly and cooperative partnership between China and Romania.

Sorin Costreie, president of UNICA, a network of universities from the capitals of Europe, emphasized the importance of cultural exchange and language learning and expressed hope for future cultural and educational cooperation between China and Romania.

Bai Luomi, co-director of the Confucius Institute at the university, expected that the competition would continue to inspire students to study the Chinese language and its culture and ultimately pursue careers related to these fields.

The competition was hosted by the Chinese Embassy in Romania and organized by the Confucius Institute of the University of Bucharest.

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