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Chinese Embassy in Britain celebrates UN Chinese Language Day
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Chinese Embassy in Britain celebrates UN Chinese Language Day

A special exhibition of Chinese characters was launched here on April 20 to celebrate the Chinese Language Day of the United Nations (UN).

In his speech at the opening ceremony of the event, minister Yang Xiaoguang of the Chinese Embassy in Britain said that both China and Britain should jointly promote mutual understanding and contribute more positive energy to promoting cultural exchanges and cooperation between the two countries.

Yang added that since the establishment of the ambassadorial diplomatic relations between China and Britain 52 years ago, although the relationship has witnessed ups and downs, the overarching trend has been one of progress, resulting in tangible benefits for both peoples.

In her speech, British sinologist Frances Wood said that language and characters serve as significant barriers to mutual understanding between the two peoples, noting that exhibitions like this offer a chance for people in Britain to enhance their understanding of a culture that highly values calligraphy, and shed light on the modern advancements in character printing.

While viewing the exhibition, Michael Larsen, master of the Worshipful Livery Company of the World Traders of the City of London, highlighted the importance of maintaining an open mind and continuous learning, noting exhibitions such as this one facilitate mutual learning between the two nations.

Cheng Xunchang, one of the exhibition curators and a PhD graduate specializing in typography design at the University of Reading, said that by showcasing evidence of printing technology development, the exhibition allows the public to gain valuable insight into how modern printing technology has influenced Chinese characters.

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