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Chinese FM stresses importance of stable China-U.S. relationship in signed article in Washington Post
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Chinese FM stresses importance of stable China-U.S. relationship in signed article in Washington Post

Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang wrote in a signed article published Wednesday in the Washington Post that a stable China-U.S. relationship is what "the planet's future depends on."

Before being appointed as China's foreign minister at the end of last year, Qin has been Chinese ambassador to the United States since July 2021, an experience that he said has left him with "important memories about this country." He returned to China earlier this week to assume the new role.

Recounting his visits across the United States as well as interactions with officials, scholars, businesspeople, the media and ordinary Americans, Qin said his tenure of ambassadorship in the United States "will provide unfailing strength for me as a diplomat. Going forward, the development of China-U.S. relations will remain an important mission of mine in my new position."

"I leave the United States more convinced that the door to China-U.S. relations will remain open and cannot be closed. I am also more convinced that Americans, just like the Chinese people, are broad-minded, friendly and hard-working. The future of both our peoples -- indeed, the future of the entire planet -- depends on a healthy and stable China-U.S. relationship," he wrote in the article.

"My time here also reminds me that China-U.S. relations should not be a zero-sum game in which one side out-competes the other or one nation thrives at the expense of the other," he said.

"The world is wide enough for China and the United States to both develop and prosper. The successes of our two countries are shared opportunities, not winner-take-all challenges. We must not allow prejudice or misperception to ignite confrontation or conflict between two great peoples. We should follow the strategic guidance of our presidents and find the right way to get along for the well-being of the world," Qin said.

To achieve that goal, he said, "it requires the persistent efforts of everyone," adding that "history will prove that what we have begun is essential and worthwhile."

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