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Chinese Lanterns Light Up Edinburgh Castle to Welcome Chinese New Year
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Chinese Lanterns Light Up Edinburgh Castle to Welcome Chinese New Year


The tiger leaps over Mount Guan at the break of Spring,

The rabbit climbs the Mayflower to watch the change of seasons


On 22nd January, Scotland’s iconic landmark Edinburgh Castle was lit up in festive Chinese red. The 2023 Edinburgh Chinese New Year festivities continued with a light show projected onto the face of the castle.

Among the 12 Chinese zodiac signs, the rabbit represents integrity, benevolence, health and peace. This year’s light show began with an animated Year of the Rabbit clip, bringing the essence, vitality and energy of this year’s zodiac to life through a white rabbit, a scarlet rabbit and a gold rabbit.

This year’s Light Show featured materials from the Henan Television Production China Festivals series, which has received more than 60 billion internet comments, featuring programs such as Fantastic Caves of China, Thinking of You Is Like Seeing You, The Beginning and the End, Watching the Mountains and Rivers, Lion Dance in the East, Appointment on the Eve of the Festival, Meeting at Night, A Slow Song from the Past, Five Flavors in Harmony, Returning the Horse and Gun, and Five Stars Rising in the East.



The video shots of the light show began with a scene that showed the markings of the Lunar Calendar and introduced China’s four major ancient inventions. The next scene takes the audience back to a palace in antiquity, as dancers portray peony maidens invoking appreciation of ancient poetry, history and culture, while others described the story of Chinese ceramics, the mystery of carved stone grottoes, and the moon deity Chang’e, ending with a charming child ensemble singing in a variety of languages a message of hope and lasting friendship.

The video showcases folk customs, intangible culture, historical anecdotes, classic poetry, calligraphy, and other contents, which showcases the beauty of China, the beauty of culture, and the extraordinary charm of Chinese traditional culture to the Scottish people.

The 2023 Edinburgh Chinese New Year Concert gratefully received generous support from Edinburgh City Council, the Chinese Consulate in Edinburgh, China National Tourism Office London, Bank of China (UK) Ltd., China Arts and Entertainment Group Ltd., UK Chinese Business Association, Edinburgh Tourism Action Group, Henan Broadcasting System Martech Centre, the UK Federation of Shandong Associations, Wo Hui Mandarin, Haier Appliances UK Co. Ltd., and Baihinia Culture Group Corporation Limited.


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