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Colorful Guizhou: 16th PhotoChina Original International Photography Exhibition — UK Tour

On February 27, 2024, the Colorful Guizhou: 16th PhotoChina Original International Photography Exhibition — UK Tour, jointly hosted by the Information Office of Guizhou Provincial People’s Government, China News Service, Guizhou Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, and Guizhou Provincial Department of Transportation, grandly opened in London. The tour will run until March 27, showcasing a vivid display of Guizhou's achievements and charm in transportation infrastructure and cultural heritage through magnificent and poetic photographs of Guizhou's bridges and waterways. The organizers conveyed their optimistic expectations that this exhibition would serve as a gateway for a broader audience to comprehend Guizhou, revel in its captivating landscapes, immerse themselves in its rich culture, and foster amicable interactions and collaborations between Guizhou and the global community.

Guizhou, situated on a verdant karst plateau, stands out as a high-speed plain adorned with nearly 30,000 bridges either in progress or already erected. Guizhou claims nearly half of the world's top 100 high bridges, with four ranking among the top 10. These architectural marvels have woven enchanting tales across the vibrant plateau, unveiling the artistic allure they exude. This exhibition meticulously spotlights contemporary milestones in Guizhou's bridge construction, the indomitable spirit of the bridge builders, and the intricate relationship between bridges and the local populace. It showcases photographs capturing both ancient bridges embodying Guizhou's historical culture and natural bridges portraying its mesmerizing karst landscape. Through this lens, the exhibition unveils Guizhou's breathtaking natural scenery, its uniquely diverse cultural tapestry, and the remarkable strides achieved in economic and social development in recent years, all framed against the backdrop of these monumental bridges.

Hongfeng Lake Huayudong Bridge, Qingzhen City, Guizhou Province. Photo by Lin Chen.

Qianchun Overpass, Guiyang City. Photo by Jinpin Lu​.

Xianren Bridge, Qinglong County. Photo by Shihao Zhang.

Zhusheng Bridge, Zhenyuan Ancient Town. Photo by Lin Chen​.

The UK exhibition, themed "Bridges Connecting Worlds," showcases two chapters: "Colorful Guizhou - Myriad Bridges Spanning" and " The Joyful Journey of Bridges", featuring a total of 80 magnificent pieces. It presents the unique natural landscapes and cultural scenes of Guizhou to visitors from abroad who, captivated by each artwork, have left behind words of admiration.

Sibyl sharing his impressions.

Sibyl Cooper, an Academic Administrator from the Raindance Film Festival, remarked, "I find this exhibition incredibly meaningful! These photographic works not only showcase the bridges soaring between the mountains but also zoom in on each individual involved in constructing these bridges. I am deeply moved by the landscapes and human care portrayed in the photographs. I've already marked Guizhou Province on my phone map, it will definitely be my next travel destination!"

The audience appreciating the exhibition's artworks.

Melina Rauter, a Master's student from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), said, " The Exhibition really captures the essence of Guizhou's landscape with a vivid display. It takes you through a journey of Guizhou's natural beauty and its blend with human ingenuity. The photographs showcase not only Guizhou’s bridges and waterways but also the human element that interacts with these landscapes, bringing them to life in a way that is both profound and beautiful. "

"The 16th PhotoChina Original International Photography Exhibition, Colorful Guizhou," originated in 2008 and has successfully held 16 editions to date, receiving warm acclaim from audiences worldwide. With a focus on inheriting and preserving intangible cultural heritage, the exhibition highlights the development of original ecological culture. Through visual representation, it showcases Guizhou's rich natural and cultural landscapes, as well as its achievements in construction, serving as a crucial bridge for fostering communication and integration between Guizhou and the world.






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