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COVID-19 rises in Beijing after recent holiday
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COVID-19 rises in Beijing after recent holiday

Beijing's COVID-19 cases have increased after the May Day holiday, official data suggested.

According to a weekly report released by the Beijing Center for Disease Prevention and Control, the number of COVID-19 cases surpassed that of flu for two consecutive weeks, from April 24 to May 7.

Li Tongzeng, chief physician of the respiratory and infectious diseases department of Beijing Youan Hospital, told Health Times that there has been a recent increase in COVID-19 infections.

"Most COVID-19 patients have first-time infections. The proportion of second infections is low and mainly involve young people. Despite milder symptoms compared with the first infection, they are still infectious. Isolation and prevention are necessary to protect others from being infected," Li said.

They should rest at home and take some nonprescription drugs to alleviate their symptoms, based on their condition, Li added. Yi

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