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COVID-19 tests ensure health and safety at Beijing 2022: official
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COVID-19 tests ensure health and safety at Beijing 2022: official

COVID-19 tests during the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games comply with international standards and will ensure the health and safety of athletes and stakeholders to the maximum extent, said Beijing 2022 organizers on Tuesday.

"The prevention and control work of Beijing 2022 has been rigorous and scientific," said Huang Chun, deputy director of the epidemic control office of Beijing 2022 organizing committee. "Testing regiments used by the nucleic acid testing laboratories have been strictly certified and comply with national and international standards."

"We will ensure there is no room for error when it comes to COVID-19 testing data and results," he added.

If Olympic-related personnel have doubts about their test results, their cases will be taken to the Beijing 2022 Medical Expert Panel for review, Huang said, which is consistent with the principles of the Tokyo Olympics.

According to the official Beijing 2022 Playbook, people who test positive for the virus will go through a second test to avoid the possibility of producing a false-positive result. If the second test is negative, they will receive further treatment in accordance with the measures of the Playbook.

"Sampling and laboratory testing personnel all came with professional medical background and received strict training prior to the Games," Huang introduced. "Laboratories are supervised and inspected with a complete set of strict quality and biological safety management systems. The test results can be well trusted."

"We implemented the precautionary measures strictly in line with the Playbook, which did not affect the normal operation of the Games," he noted. "We are confident that the Beijing Olympic Winter Games will be held safely and smoothly as scheduled." 

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