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CRRC produces new energy equipment for northeast China
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CRRC produces new energy equipment for northeast China

The first batch of products manufactured by the Songyuan New Energy Equipment Industrial Base of China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation (CRRC) rolled off the production line in Northeast China’s Jilin Province Monday.

The wind power generator that just came off the assembly line was tailored by CRRC for Jilin Province to support the construction of its wind-power base.

The products have the advantages of high power generation, reliability, adaptability, and high industrial chain coordination. They are characterized by customization of power, tower height, design parameters, and control strategy.

Jilin plans to build three new-energy bases of 10 million kilowatts for consumption, delivery, and hydrogen production by 2025, with an installed capacity of 30 million kilowatts and an annual power generation capacity of 80 billion kilowatt-hours.

The industrial base can produce wind-power equipment, including towers, whole units, blades, generators, and energy storage. After all projects are completed, the base intends to guarantee the supply of equipment for the wind-power industry in Northeast China.

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