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Gansu puts efforts into improving wetland environment
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Gansu puts efforts into improving wetland environment

In recent years, a region in Gansu province has intensified its ecological protection efforts in the Heihe River basin, leading to continuous improvement in the wetland's environment.

At Runquan Lake Park in Ganzhou district, Zhangye city, young grebes are hatching, playing and foraging in the lake.

An increasing numbers of migratory birds, such as swans, ruddy shelducks, and black storks, are now nesting and breeding in the wetland.

The region, with the active participation of the community, has been promoting the concept of ecological priority and green development by expanding green spaces and increasing urban greenery. As of now, the green area in the district's built-up area has reached 1833.04 hectares, with a green space ratio of 40.64 percent and a green coverage rate of 44.32 percent.

As a result, more than 80 parks, which have significantly improved the quality of our residents' lives, have become popular spots for leisure and exercise.

Zhao Feiguo, a retired teacher, said, "I live in one of the earliest built communities in Ganzhou district. Thanks to the renovations, the surrounding environment has greatly improved over the past few years."

Another resident, Chen Haichao, said, "The air is fresh, and the environment is beautiful at Runquan Lake Park in the early morning. It has become our go-to spot for morning runs." Yetao

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