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Guangxi Hosts Overseas Chinese Media Training Program for Senior Talent

Guangxi Chinese Culture College hosted the Overseas Chinese Media Senior Talent Training Program from November 27 to December 1, 2023. Chen Jie, Deputy Minister of the United Front Work Department of the Autonomous Region Party Committee, addressed the opening ceremony, which was overseen by Luo Rixin, Vice President, and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee at the college.

Twenty-six representatives from overseas Chinese media, spanning 17 countries and regions, participated in the program. Chen Jie highlighted the role of overseas Chinese media as a unique bridge connecting China to the world. She emphasized its contributions in preserving and promoting Chinese culture, reflecting the voices of the overseas Chinese community, fostering unity, and supporting the well-being of overseas Chinese.

In her address, Chen Jie underscored the pivotal role of overseas Chinese media as a unique bridge connecting China and the global community. She highlighted its longstanding contributions to preserving and promoting exceptional Chinese culture, amplifying the voices of the overseas Chinese community, fostering unity, safeguarding the well-being of overseas Chinese, facilitating their integration into mainstream society, and advancing international understanding and friendship. Expressing optimism, she encouraged program participants to achieve new milestones in comprehending China, sharing Chinese narratives, and championing Chinese culture. Emphasizing global relevance, she urged them to present an authentic, holistic image of China, actively advocate outstanding Chinese culture, and play a vital role in cross-cultural exchange and mutual understanding between China and other nations.

Luo Rixin provided participants with an overview of Guangxi Chinese Culture College and the training program schedule. He urged students to deepen their comprehension of developmental shifts in their homeland and the Guangxi region, immerse themselves in the rich facets of Chinese culture, and leverage new media to narrate compelling stories about China, projecting its authentic voice globally. Stressing the significance of showcasing China's dynamic development and the well-being of diverse ethnic groups internationally, he underscored the participants' role as ambassadors.

Aligned with President Xi Jinping's crucial discourse on fortifying international communication capabilities, the training program delved into specialized studies on the creative transformation and innovative development of exceptional traditional Chinese culture, Guangxi's regional culture, and related subjects. During the program, visits to locations such as Minshi Village in Daxin County, Chongzuo Zhuang Nationality Museum, and the core protection area of Huashan Rock Paintings in Ningming provided profound insights into traditional Chinese culture, innovation in Guangxi's cultural industry, and the preservation and development of cultural heritage. These experiences offered participants a firsthand look at the transformative panorama of green development and the unique cultural legacy, vividly showcasing the depth of Chinese civilization and the inexhaustible charm of Chinese culture.

On the morning of November 28, Deputy Minister Chen Jie of the United Front Work Department within the Autonomous Region Party Committee inaugurated the training program with an insightful lecture. Delving into the state of overseas Chinese affairs in Guangxi since the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, she systematically examined the challenges confronting international communication in the contemporary era. Representatives from Chinese media worldwide attentively absorbed the information, posed inquiries, and actively participated in exchanges with Minister Chen, fostering a dynamic and engaging classroom environment.

Mr. Wei Yuanlong, Deputy Managing Editor of the Las Vegas News Bulletin in the United States, expressed his gratitude, asserting, "Overseas Chinese media should advance their understanding of China, narrate Chinese stories, and advocate for Chinese culture. It is crucial to address international concerns and present an authentic, comprehensive image of China globally." The training program also featured a special lecture by Ms. Jiang Mulan, Chief Editor of News Tide, exploring the importance, urgency, and innovative strategies for enhancing international communication capabilities, drawing inspiration from President Xi Jinping's significant speech. Zhang Haiyan, Deputy Managing Editor of ASEAN Headline News, expressed optimism for future opportunities for similar learning and exchange initiatives.

Daxin County Mingshi Village Inspection

In the morning of November 30, delegates from overseas Chinese media embarked on an educational visit to the Chongzuo Zhuang Nationality Museum. Engaging in an immersive exploration, they delved into the aesthetic allure of cultural artifacts characterized by distinct Guangxi and Zhuang attributes, cultivating a deep admiration for the wealth of traditional Chinese culture. The attendees fervently navigated the exhibition titled "Baili Rock Paintings – Luo Yue Divine Artistry" within the Chongzuo Zhuang Nationality Museum. This display uniquely highlighted the cultural panorama of the Huashan Rock Paintings along the Left River. The distinctive presentation captivated the appreciation of the participants. The Huashan Rock Paintings cultural landscape stands as a precious jewel in Chinese civilization and functions as a pivotal gateway for global understanding of China and Guangxi.

Visiting the Chongzuo Zhuang Nationality Museum

In the afternoon of November 30, participants explored the core protection area of the Huashan Rock Paintings in Ningming, immersing themselves in the allure of this global cultural heritage. "Witnessing the Huashan Rock Paintings up close is truly a breathtaking experience," declared Mr. Li Qiang, the Head of UK branch European Times. Enthusiastically, attendees raised their cameras, capturing moments of this splendid cultural legacy. Mr. Tang Bingjian, Deputy General Manager of Cambodia Headline, expressed his excitement about the well-executed development model of the Huashan Rock Paintings core protection area. He remarked, "While Cambodia is actively developing its local tourism industry, their current industry model lacks coherence. Cambodia Headline has the means and advantages to introduce Guangxi's advanced experience, fostering cultural industry exchanges and collaboration between China and Cambodia." Ms. Ni Xia, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Canada's World Tourism News, echoed the sentiments, emphasizing the importance of promoting the Huashan Rock Paintings, a world-class symbol and a treasure of the Chinese nation, particularly to the newer generations of Chinese and overseas Chinese who may not be familiar with the remarkable cultural heritage of their homeland.

Exploration of the Core Protection Area of Huashan Rock Paintings in Ningming

Arriving with eager anticipation and departing with a wealth of knowledge, the 5-day training program featured engaging theoretical sessions and immersive on-site teaching activities. It offered representatives from overseas Chinese media an in-depth understanding of China, particularly the transformative developments in Guangxi. Participants also had the chance to immerse themselves fully in the profound Chinese culture and the dynamic cultural tapestry of Guangxi.

Que Yanfang, Content Deputy Director of Fujian Overseas Chinese Headlines Media Co., Ltd., described the training program as a significant gathering for overseas Chinese media, providing a platform for industry professionals to exchange ideas and learn from one another. She expressed the aspiration that practitioners in overseas Chinese media would enhance collaboration, contributing to the continued growth of Chinese media in the future.

Wang Ping, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of France Qiao Bao, highlighted the well-organized and complementary structure of the training program, blending theoretical education with practical inspections. This approach delivered valuable theoretical knowledge and practical experience for effectively managing Chinese media operations and promoting Chinese culture.

Liu Guijiang, Editor-in-Chief of Germany Qiao Bao, underscored the role of overseas Chinese media as chroniclers, documenting the history and progress of overseas Chinese communities. Concurrently, they serve as advocates, sharing these experiences with a global audience.

Chinese media professionals abroad will leverage their practical experiences to report on China's global achievements as a major nation, narrating the stories of China and the chapters of Guangxi to their respective countries.


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