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Hangzhou Asian Games: A feast of technology, culture
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Hangzhou Asian Games: A feast of technology, culture

The 19th Asian Games highlight the concepts of "culture" and "intelligence" as revealed in a press conference held on 20th of Sept, in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. This event showcases a diverse range of cultural expressions and technological innovations.

Digital Asian Games

The application of digital technology is essential to the smart Asian Games, said Chen Weiqiang, executive secretary-general of the Organizing Committee of the Games.

Chen said during the press conference that the Hangzhou Asian Games has introduced, for the first time, digital torchbearers, electronic identity registration cards, and a series of digital products.

In terms of smart event management, the Hangzhou Asian Games has established a series of digital command platforms at various levels and venues, with the command center at its core.

Additionally, intelligent robots are being utilized for various scenarios such as guest reception, patrolling, firefighting, and distribution, serving functions in daily operations, public performances, and sports training, among others.

In the realm of intelligent participation, the digital participation service platform called "Go Hangzhou" includes a food guide, travel guide, language assistance, and more. “This platform offers comprehensive smart services for athletes, technical officials, media, and others," said Chen.

He continued, "Regarding intelligent spectator experiences, we have created the first-ever digital spectator service platform called 'Smart Hangzhou 2022,' and introduced Asian Games AR services."

A Cultural feast

Hangzhou is a city where historical culture and modern technology blend. The technology-driven Hangzhou Asian Games is also rich in cultural heritage.

Chen stated that throughout the entire preparation process, the concept of "Cultural Asian Games" has been emphasized.

"The mascots, slogans, and core graphics, together form the aesthetic system of the Asian Games. Furthermore, we have made extensive use of literature, art, and music to introduce a series of theme songs and short videos, including theme films, TV dramas, and documentaries," he said.

He continued, "The Asian Games theme film 'One and Only' released earlier received a great response, becoming the highest-grossing domestic sports film in Chinese film history. The Asian Games documentary 'Hi, Asian Games' has also been broadcast, providing a comprehensive portrayal of the 70-year history and transformation of the Asian Games from the first edition to the 19th.”

Beyond the sporting events, a rich array of cultural exchange activities will be arranged to enhance the experiences of athletes from all nations. For instance, in the Athletes' Village, there will be cultural exhibitions with distinctive Chinese and Hangzhou characteristics, including cultural markets and artistic performances, among other series of activities.

"It's worth noting that the cultural elements will be vividly expressed during the opening ceremony on Saturday as well," Chen remarked. "Both China's rich historical culture and the unique charm of the water towns in South China will be showcased during the opening ceremony."

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