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Henan makes every effort to prepare for farmland flood disasters
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Henan makes every effort to prepare for farmland flood disasters

Henan Meteorological Service and the Henan Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs issued a joint statement warning of the risk of farmland waterlogging disasters in Henan on July 8.

The statement mentioned that with increased precipitation expected over the next 10 days, areas between the Yellow River and the Huai River are bracing for heavy rainfall and localized downpours. These weather conditions could potentially give rise to the development of intense convective weather patterns in the region.

In addition, the zones, including Nanyang, Xinyang and Zhumadian, have been identified as high-risk areas for farmland waterlogging.

Most areas in Henan will experience soil that is relatively moist until July 14, particularly in the regions south of the Yellow River, due to high overlap of precipitation zones and low-lying terrain, farmlands face a higher risk of waterlogging disasters.

The authorities recommended several precautionary measures to mitigate these potential disasters. For example, to counter the effects of persistent rainfall on fertilizers, they advised applying fast-acting nitrogen fertilizers after rain to prevent nutrient loss in crops and preserve soil fertility.

Moreover, it is essential to strengthen monitoring and control measures against various agricultural threats like corn brown spots and leaf spots to protect crop health and maximize yield under these conditions. Yi

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