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Hidden Chinese Gems in the UK
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Hidden Chinese Gems in the UK

1. Temple London

The Temple is a great place to move, sweat, get stronger and thrive. For people who are interested in Chinese Kung Fu, in here, you could switch your exercise routine up and learn the ancient training methods of the Shaolin Warriors. The Temple is run by a Kung Fu family, who have been on the TV show America’s Got Talent and Britain’s Got Talent. Discover Chinese Shaolin Kung Fu here and join the community of diverse individuals of all ages and genders.


Address: Temple, R/O 40 High Street, Waltham Cross, EN8 0AQ          



IG: @temple.ldn 



2. Charing Cross Library

Located in central London, Charing cross library has launched Chinese corner to promote the learning of Chinese, develop Chinese teaching, and cultural exchanges between China and the UK. The Charing Cross Library is more than 70 years old, and Chinese books have been available here since the 1980s. Starting out with a limited number of Chinese books, the library now has become the largest public Chinese library in the UK with more than 70,000 books and hundreds of categories of publications.


Address: 4-6 Charing Cross Road, Westminster, WC2H 0HF

Tel: 020 7641 4628



3. Chinese-style peony pavilion in the Fir Garden

This is a six-meter-tall pavilion, inspired by the masterpiece The Peony Pavilion of Chinese playwright Tang Xianzu (1550-1616) from the Ming Dynasty. It was given as a gift to the First Garden in Stratford upon Avon, just 10 minutes' walk from Shakespeare's birthplace. Shakespeare and Tang were both great playwriters and they both died in 1616. Tang's hometown Fuzhou, Jiangxi Provence, is sister city of Stratford upon Avon. The design of the pavilion shows a typical symbol for Tang Xianzu’s works and a classical symbol of Chinese culture.


Address: Chestnut Walk, Stratford-upon-Avon CV37 6HT


4. London’s Old Chinatown at Limehouse

Circa 1935 - London’s Chinese quarter, Chinatown, in the 1930’s. Photo by Central Press/Getty Images

The original London Chinatown was in Limehouse, in London's East End. Chinese employees of the East India Company settled at the docks in the late 19th century and helped to create a Chinese community. By 1914 a Chinese community was burgeoning with new restaurants and shops catering for sailors. Although with time goes by, Chinatown has relocated in the West end, Limehouse is still a good place to find some historical trace for the first existence of Chinatown in London and the life of the Chinese back in 19th century.


Address: Birchfield St, London


5. Lo's Noodle Factory

Notice! It is a factory and probably the least-known Cantonese bakery in London’s Chinatown. It is a very small store where you could find Char Siu Bun, Red Bean Bun, Radish Cake, Taro Cake at very affordable price. Most importantly, you could find the signature Cheung Fun (rice noodle), taste authentically and selling at only £1 per pack. If you are a good cook, you could buy the Cheung Fun and make your very own dish. Otherwise, try to get some Buns and experience the amazing Chinese taste with only one bite.


Address: 6 Dansey Pl, London W1D 6EZ

Tel: +442077343885

Opening Hour: Mon-Sun 10am-5pm


6. Manchester Jianbing

It is called the most delicious Jianbing in England and probably the most well-known Chinese street food stalls in Manchester. Jianbing (煎饼)is a traditional Chinese street food similar to crêpes and hailed as “one of China's most popular street breakfasts”. It can be topped with different fillings and sauces such as bocui (薄脆, thin and crispy fried cracker), ham, chopped or diced mustard pickles, scallions and coriander. It is often folded several times before serving.


Address: Manchester Jianbing food stall, M1 1WA, Manchester


7. Bonbon Bakery Liverpool

Springonion from bonbon ins

Liverpool is home to the oldest Chinese community in Europe, so there's plenty to discover. Bonbon Chinese Bakery, located in Liverpool’s Chinatown, is popular with locals and tourists alike. It has been open for more than 5 years, yet, there are many people who are still interested to discover this hidden gem of delights. It is perfect for those with a sweet tooth or those who like Chinese food. Spring Onion Bun, Pork Dumpling, Chinese egg custard tart, Coconut cream bun… Choose anyone, you won’t be disappointed.


Address: 38 Berry St, Liverpool L1 4JQ

Tel: 0151 384 1876


8. Chinese Hillside, Royal Botanic Garden

Chinese hillside (cr. Roger Hyam) 

The Chinese Hillside in the Royal Botanic Garden of Edinburgh is a hidden gem of Scotland. It has the largest collection of Chinese plants outside of China. China has a diverse flora of over thirty thousand species, ten per cent of the world's plants. The Guangzhou Garden from China is crowned Best in Show at RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2021. This hillside gives you an idea of the plants you’d find as you travelled up a Chinese mountain. Each of the main vegetation zones – foothill, shrub and alpine – are represented by selected species.


Address: 30-32 Inverleith Terrace, Edinburgh EH3 5NU



9. Ashmolean Museum, University of Oxford

Calligraphy brush rest. Photo from Ashmolean official site

The Ashmolean Museum is home to some of the finest collections of Chinese art in Europe. The collections range from jades and ceramics of the Neolithic period through to modern, often contemporary, paintings and prints. Chinese ceramics have always been highly regarded and avidly collected and the Ashmolean collection mainly comprises earthenware, high-fired ware and porcelain from China's most famous kilns. This gallery explores more than 3,000 years of Chinese history and culture through surviving artefacts.


Address: Beaumont St, Oxford OX1 2PH

Tel: 01865 278000



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