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Hong Kong celebrates Dragon Boat Festival with creative drone show
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Hong Kong celebrates Dragon Boat Festival with creative drone show

Sticky Rice dumplings, racing dragon boats, green reed leaves ... stunning drone show imagery dotted the night sky over Hong Kong's iconic Victoria Harbor on Jun 10, on which China's annual Dragon Boat Festival falls this year.

On the Wan Chai Harborfront Promenade and observation decks nearby, crowds cheered as more than 1,000 drones teamed up to form one exquisite pattern after another in a 10-minute display, organized by the Hong Kong Tourism Board.

The show started off with a vivid cartoon zongzi, or sticky rice dumpling, followed by patterns featuring adrenaline-pumping dragon boat races and flying loongs (or Chinese dragons) to cheer up the players for the upcoming 2024 Hong Kong International Dragon Boat Races on June 15-16, and ended with warm blessings to the viewers.

Residents and tourists were mesmerized by the vibrant colors and high technologies used to create the feast for the eye. A Hong Kong local surnamed Chang said that presenting traditional culture with drone displays is a creative idea. "The blending of both fashion and tradition is wonderful and a must-see on such a festive occasion."

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