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Mahjong amateurs can go pro through testing
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Mahjong amateurs can go pro through testing

Mahjong amateurs can now take a series of tests to be recognized as higher-level players. After signing up and answering some questions on their mahjong knowledge, they will become of amateur athletes of first level. They can then continue to move up through various competitions online and offline until they are certified as a master of mahjong.

Moving to professional level, 18 levels in total, is allowed by two guiding documents laying out assessment standards, which were released on Saturday.

The Mahjong International League and Hangzhou Branch of the China Chess Academy jointly established the Mahjong Sports Technology Rating Center and Mahjong Competition and Training Center in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province. They also released measures on the management and assessment of mahjong technique and guidelines on the promotion of standardized development of mahjong competition.

The assessment dealing with Sichuan mahjong, a popular type, has been opened to the public, and Hangzhou mahjong, International mahjong and other types of the game will be published online later.

Liu Xiao, director of the mind sports management division of the Hangzhou branch of the China Chess Academy said the branch will work with the Mahjong International League to take the popular national game to the rest of the world and make Hangzhou a global center for majhong training and competition. Yetao

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