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Museums evolving into popular destinations for young Chinese people
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Museums evolving into popular destinations for young Chinese people

Museums are evolving into popular destinations for young Chinese people to engage with history and culture.

Zhou Lizhuang, a resident of Hengshui City in north China's Hebei Province, was enthralled during a recent museum visit that sparked his interest in the 2,200-year history of his hometown.

Upon entering the Jizhou Museum in Hengshui, visitors are transported back in time through 3D technology showcasing historical events and ancient legends.

For Zhou, this immersive experience brought history to life, offering a deeper understanding of his hometown's ancient past.

"Traditionally, museums were places for reminiscence and cultural appreciation, especially among the elderly. But now, visiting museums to explore history has become a fashionable trend among younger people," said Du Xiangli, the director of Hengshui Museum.

Du noted that the Hengshui Museum organizes over 100 study tours in collaboration with schools each year, attracting over 8,000 visitors annually. It also hosts a variety of cultural activities in schools and communities.

To further engage visitors, museums across the country are innovating their approaches by organizing creative exhibitions and special events, making museum visits more dynamic and appealing to young people.

During a recent trip to the Langfang Museum in Hebei, Chai Yutong, a college student, was drawn to a limited-edition puzzle stamp card set. Intrigued by the challenge of collecting nine stamps, each representing distinct calligraphic styles of the Chinese character for "loong" from various historical periods, Chai eagerly went on to explore the entire museum.

"The profoundness of Chinese culture is truly awe-inspiring. Each historical period's calligraphy represents the traits of its time, and understanding the evolution of the character 'loong' has deepened my cultural confidence," Chai said.

The cultural enthusiasm extends beyond museum visits. Cultural and creative products inspired by historical artifacts are also gaining popularity.

After visiting the Chengde Museum in Hebei, Li Xiaoling and her friends left the store with a bag of cultural products. "Finding such symbolic and high-quality souvenirs each time we visit adds to the experience," Li said.

According to Wang Minghao, a professor at Hebei Normal University, the sustained museum craze reflects the vitality of historical culture, bridging ancient civilizations with contemporary life.

In recent years, interest in traditional Chinese culture has experienced a resurgence. Items blending historical elements with modern expressions are favored by younger generation.

This fusion has sparked a "new wave" in China's cultural tourism industry, Wang said.

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