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Museums launch movie week in Beijing
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Museums launch movie week in Beijing

In the Altar of the God of Agriculture, where Chinese emperors once prayed for good harvests, dozens of children burst into laughter while watching a fantasy comedy film projected onto three improvised screens.

The "Little Canned Men," screened in the open-air, is a Children's Day gift offered by the Beijing Ancient Architecture Museum, which administers the ancient altar, and part of a new drive by Beijing's museums to create public awareness.

On Jun. 1, more than 20 museums in the Chinese capital launched a movie week with nearly 40 screenings that are available to the public free of charge.

More than 10 movies will be screened in the museums' halls, courtyards and other spaces, organizers said.

Some films are chosen because they relate to the museums' themes. The Overseas Chinese History Museum of China, for instance, screened "I Am What I Am," an animation about lion dance, a folk art popular in China and among overseas Chinese.

The event is co-organized by the Beijing Municipal Cultural Heritage Bureau and the Beijing Municipal Film Administration.

Previously, many museums in Beijing have hosted poetry society events and cultural fairs, and the integration of museums and films is another innovation made by Beijing as it builds "a city of museums," said Bai Chong, director of the museum division of the Beijing Municipal Cultural Heritage Bureau.

As of the end of August 2023, Beijing had a total of 218 registered museums.

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