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Night markets ignite China's economic vitality
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Night markets ignite China's economic vitality

A night market in north China's Hebei Province has been gaining traction online after a video of it went viral.

The video showed the night market at Zhengding International Small Commodities Market taken from a bird's-eye view. Hundreds of food stalls were seen neatly arranged from above, with colorful signboards illuminated under the night sky, irresistibly captivating people's attention.

A parking lot by day, it is transformed into a night market when evening falls. More than 600 stalls offer typical signature snacks from across China, demonstrating a strong sense of vitality amid the sizzle of barbecue, the clinking of spatulas, the aroma of food and the laughter of visitors.

The night market in Zhengding offers a glimpse into China's expansive nighttime economy, encompassing various sectors such as dining, shopping, sightseeing and leisure. According to a survey report from the Ministry of Commerce, more than 60 percent of consumer expenditure in China occurs after dark.

The nighttime economy has emerged as a new driving force for economic growth nationwide. As highlighted in the 2023 China Nighttime Economy Development Report by the China Tourism Academy, nighttime tourism raked in 1.57 trillion yuan ($217 billion) in revenue last year.

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