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Official Opening of Sino-European AI Innovation Park in Shanghai
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Official Opening of Sino-European AI Innovation Park in Shanghai

Agreements signed for 17 overseas projects

On 17 December 2020, Shanghai Maqiao AI Innovation Experimental Zone held the International Promotion Conference, and announced that Sino-European AI Innovation Park was officially launched, in the pursuit of extending international social networks, and jointly creating an AI industry ecosphere. So far, 17 overseas projects have signed agreements with Sino-European AI Innovation Park, and more than 100 companies have expressed their intention to come to the Innovation Park.

Mr. Wu Bin, Deputy Chief of Minhang District, stated that Shanghai Maqiao AI Innovation Experimental Zone is the engine that drives Minhang’s AI industry, and ranked as one of Shanghai AI Innovation Integration Carriers and Featured Industrial Parks. An AI industry cluster featuring robotics, cloud computing and industrial Internet is gradually taking shape. Sino-European AI Innovation Park is jointly created by the Experimental Zone and Xinchuang Tech, and serves as a crucial node for global coordinated innovation network. It is one of the thirty-three major signing industrial projects in 2019 World AI Conference, and a key construction target for Minhang district government to build a global AI start-up centre.

Currently, the Innovation Park has set up International AI Accelerator as the Launchpad, with a total area of 3600 square metres spanning across three floors. The Innovation Park will conduct innovation incubation and industry introduction services, with a focus on smart health, smart manufacturing, and smart finance, simultaneously matchmaking industry resources from Ireland, the United kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Through converging R&D centres, technology transfer and transformation platforms, professional incubators, and rapid-growth innovation enterprises, the Innovation Park will become International AI+ Parallel Accelerator Demonstration Base, National AI+ Dual Innovation and Upgrading Demonstration Base, and Shanghai AI+ Innovation Application Demonstration Base.

As introduced, the management team of the Innovation Park have all graduated from top-notch universities from the UK, the U.S., Ireland, the Netherlands, Australia, and Belgium, with PhD and master degrees in electronic information and biomedicine, and work experience in global top 500 tech companies. Relying on converging international innovation elements, industrial cluster cultivation and closed-loop of industry-city operation capabilities of Xinchuang Tech, the Innovation Park aims to establish a full cycle technology innovation service ecological chain of “project incubation-enterprise cultivation-industrial development”, forge functional platform of technology service and industrial cultivation, and provide technology research and transfer, market matchmaking, and investment and financing high-end technology services to companies home and abroad.

At the opening of the Innovation Park, Sino-European AI Innovation Park welcomes another waves of institutions and companies that have signed strategic cooperation agreements. During the event, SafeSize from the Netherlands, Mespper from Brazil, NoFakeToday from Singapore, Fire Chain and Shanghai International Technology Exchange Market have all signed agreements respectively with Sino-European AI Innovation Park, and jointly build a new ecosphere of R&D and innovation. For instance, founded in 2012, SafeSize from the Netherlands uses its unique 3D foot scanning, 3D shoes analysis and AI technology to give advice on the best choice of shoes to buy online and offline. Currently, it has won trust from global retailers and provided services to more than 2000 retailers from 27 countries. Fire Chain is among the first batch of Chinese companies to participate in setting IEEE block chain standards, and has carried out block chain practices across over 20 industries of real estate, retail, FMCG, e-commerce, IoT, tourism, and IP protection. Shanghai International Technology Exchange Market is an international technology transfer and transformation platform jointly established by Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality and Minhang district.

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