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POP MART Unveils Second Permanent Store in London at Westfield Stratford City

In a noteworthy development for collectors and enthusiasts alike, POP MART, the trailblazing designer collectibles company, marked its presence in London with the inauguration of its second permanent store at Westfield Stratford City on December 1. This strategic move follows the success of the company's Pop-up store at Westfield London, White City, solidifying its local footprint and further delighting its fervent fan base.

Adding a touch of celebrity glamour to the occasion, POP MART extended a warm welcome to Jarrod Bowen, a professional footballer from the Premier League club West Ham United and the England national team, who graced the event as a VIP guest.

The newly unveiled permanent store is a pivotal milestone in POP MART's expansion strategy, aiming to provide more shopping and collecting opportunities while diversifying its audience base. Building on the triumph of its inaugural store in Soho in 2021, the second store strategically found its home in East London, drawing in a diverse clientele from various regions.

Crafted to captivate the younger collector demographic, the POP MART store at Westfield Stratford City promises a unique and immersive shopping experience. The storefront's visual appeal beckons patrons into a curated world of merchandise, featuring limited-edition items tailored for local enthusiasts such as the Labubu Hedgehog Figure and Pucky Ink Flower Figure.

POP MART's reputation as a pioneer in the designer collectibles industry is underscored by its collaborations with renowned artists and luxury brands, including "Gucci Ghost" designer Trevor Andrew, Lamborghini, and Moncler. These collaborations consistently push the boundaries of style and innovation, establishing POP MART as a must-visit destination for fashion enthusiasts and collectors alike.

In the era of burgeoning collectibles trends, surpassing even the sneaker market, POP MART stands as a front-runner. Each collection at the store holds a unique significance, serving as a creative expression for collectors, reflecting stories, moments, and emotions.

Looking back at its journey, POP MART remains committed to expanding its presence in the UK with additional offline stores and Roboshops strategically placed in key areas, complementing its robust online channels. Since its global expansion, POP MART has prioritized the UK market, and the new store at Westfield Stratford City undoubtedly brings more joy to local and surrounding communities.

As the journey unfolds, POP MART looks ahead to enhancing its global footprint, offering consumers diverse art collectibles and artistic experiences worldwide.

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