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Regent Global X Panda Learning
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Regent Global X Panda Learning

Christmas Children "Duo" Plan

Regent Global is joining hands with Panda Learning to host a photography campaign aimed at parents and children this Christmas! Photographs submitted by participants should meet at least one of the following requirements:

  1. Include both children and Christmas elements 
  2. Present the creative ideas of the children based on “looking forward to the New Year 2021” (including but not limited art forms such as painting, crafts, etc.) 

How to Participate 

  • Send all photographs to this email:
  • Emails should include the child's name, age, contact information (phone number/email)
  • Each entrant can only submit up to 3 images

Submission: 07/12/2020-27/12/2020 (12:00 PM GMT)


Award announcement: 11/01/2021


First Place:


  • Iphone12 pro (6.1 inch) 256G (£1099)
  • Clinique Gifts & Sets (£95)
  • 5 Chinese lessons & 1 Mathematical thinking class (Panda Learning, £120)

Second place: 

  • Clinique Gifts & Sets (£58)
  • 3 Chinese lessons & 1 Mathematical thinking lesson (Panda Learning, £80)

Third place: 

  • Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion 125ml (£31)
  • 3 Chinese lessons & 1 Mathematical thinking lesson (Panda Learning, £80)

Participation prizes: 

  • We will select 10 lucky participants who will receive 1 Chinese lesson & 1 Mathematical Thinking lesson (Panda Learning, £40)
  • We will select another 5 lucky participants who will recieve a Panda Learning Welcome Package (£20)

More prizes are waiting for you...




Regent Global Property Ltd. has its headquarters in Westminster, London. With many years’ experience in Britain’s real estate industry, both the founder and partners are masters in this field and receive the latest information, analysis’ and forecasts in real time. Strategic cooperation relationships have been set up between major developers and ourselves, which ensures that Chinese customers can acquire their dream homes from a range of high-quality developments, with first-hand information about the market and a selection of great benefits. 



Panda Learning is an education platform providing online courses for adults and children across the globe, who can access premium Chinese education resources regardless of geographical location. For adults, Panda Learning provides Chinese courses including Fast-track Spoken Chinese, Top 301 Sentences in Conversation, HSK Standard Course, Developing Chinese Course Series. For children (age 4 and above), Panda Learning sets up different courses such as Chinese Series, Chinese, Domestic Elementary School Chinese, HSK Standard Courses and Mathematical Thinking.

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