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Report on Chinese NEV manufacturers in Europe launched
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Report on Chinese NEV manufacturers in Europe launched

The China Economic Information Service of Xinhua News Agency and the China Chamber of Commerce to the European Union (CCCEU) on June 19 jointly launched a report focusing on Chinese new energy vehicle (NEV) manufacturers in Europe.

The report titled "Greening Europe -- Report on the Development of Chinese NEV Manufacturers in Europe" was launched alongside the Europe-China CEO Roundtable Panel held in Brussels.

Addressing the event, President of Xinhua News Agency Fu Hua said China and Europe are fully capable of achieving mutual benefits and win-win cooperation in the new energy vehicle (NEV) sector, given their commitment to promoting energy conservation, reduction of carbon emissions and harmonious coexistence between man and nature.

As China's national news agency, a global news agency and a high-end think tank, Xinhua News Agency has produced a series of widely-followed news reports and think tank reports on the development of China's NEV industry and China-Europe cooperation in the NEV sector, Fu said.

The report released on Wednesday has analyzed the global demand for NEVs and summarized the development and competitive advantages of China's NEV industry, offering valuable references for China and Europe to strengthen technology cooperation, policy exchanges, supply chain collaboration and investment, he said.

Calling China's leadership in decarbonization industries "a path to follow," former Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations Brice Lalonde said China has accumulated productivity gains in the NEV sector and covered all stages necessary in this industry.

"We must seek to collaborate with China," noted Lalonde, who is also president of EdEn, an association of companies committed to decarbonization in France and Europe. "The last thing we need is a trade war ... Engaging in bilateral discussions to address the complexity of issues is preferable," he stressed.

During the roundtable panel, participants agreed that China and Europe have a broad foundation for cooperation in developing NEVs and achieving carbon neutrality.

Calling on China and Europe to maintain open and cooperative relations, they noted that imposing protective tariffs will ultimately harm European car manufacturers and consumers and negatively impact the European economy. 

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