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Rescue work is underway for Nansha Bridge collapse accident
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Rescue work is underway for Nansha Bridge collapse accident

Rescue operations are in progress following a maritime accident where a container vessel struck a bridge, resulting in the collapse of part of the bridge deck. The Guangzhou Maritime Safety Administration has dispatched six divers and several salvage vessels to the site to aid in the rescue efforts, according to an official statement.

Relevant departments are still busy investigating and verifying the casualties and the cause of the bridge collapse accident in Nansha district in Guangdong provincial capital on the morning of 21st of Feb, said the statement from the Guangzhou Maritime Safety Administration.

The accident took place at around 5:30 am when a unloaded container vessel, from Nanhai district in Foshan city was headed to Nansha, located at the mouth of the Pearl River, collided with a pier of the Lixinsha Bridge while sailing through the Hongqili Waterway, causing the bridge deck to break and some vehicles to fall into the river, said the statement released on Thursday.

After being reported, relevant departments and professional rescuers rushed to the scene to fully carry out emergency rescue work and direct local traffic.

Temporary traffic control has been implemented on the navigation section and road surface of Lixinsha Bridge, while the passing ships and vehicles have been required to make a detour. Yi

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