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SCO issues statements on security, digital transformation cooperation
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SCO issues statements on security, digital transformation cooperation

The 23rd meeting of the Council of Heads of State of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) was held on July 5th, during which statements on fighting terrorism, separatism and extremism and on cooperation in digital transformation were issued.

The statement on countering radicalization leading to terrorism, separatism and extremism emphasized that the member states are determined to deepen law enforcement and security cooperation within the organization, promote multilateral cooperation, strengthen coordination at global, regional and national levels, firmly uphold equal, common, indivisible, comprehensive, cooperative and sustainable security, and coordinate responses to traditional and non-traditional security threats and challenges.

The statement stressed that the member states, adhering to the Shanghai Spirit, are committed to jointly strengthening regional peace, security and stability, and called on the international community to support the United Nations in playing its central role, abandon politicization and double standards, and strengthen global counterterrorism cooperation.

Meanwhile, the statement on cooperation in digital transformation noted that digital transformation is a driving force for global, inclusive and sustainable growth, and is conducive to achieving the goals of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

The member states should join hands to explore the potential of digitalization in various fields, and promote the deep integration of the digital economy and the real economy, said the statement, adding that the potential of digital technologies to transform social, economic and cultural life has not been fully explored.

The statement said that the member states will continuously work hard to stick to the people-centered approach, and promote universal access to the dividends of digital transformation at an affordable cost, so as to fully tap human potential.

The member states should continue to advance relevant work to ensure that the cost of using digital infrastructure is to be continuously reduced, promote digital interconnectivity, tap digital potential, and improve data interoperability, it said.

The member states should firmly support the integration of digital solutions in key areas such as finance, it said, adding that the member states need to stay committed to promoting digital service applications while meeting information security requirements, so as to benefit the people of member states.

The development of digital technologies will promote data applications to better serve all aspects of economic, social and cultural life, the statement stressed, adding that the states will cooperate in this field and learn from each other's advanced experience and achievements.

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