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Shandong coastal cities are covered in heavy snow
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Shandong coastal cities are covered in heavy snow

Heavy snowfall has hit the Yantai and Weihai coastal cities in Shandong province since the night of 21st of Dec, resulting in deep accumulated snow, according to the Shandong Meteorological Bureau.

As of 8 am, 22nd of Dec, the snow in the Wendeng district of Weihai has surpassed 70 centimeters, while Rongcheng, a county-level city of Weihai, has accumulated 44 cm of snow, and Yantai has a snow depth of 52 cm.

Machinery and anti-skid equipment have been mobilized to clear snow on roads, focusing on slopes, turns, bridges and expressways to ensure smooth traffic, said the Weihai Transport Bureau.

The snowfall slowed down on 22nd of Dec, and is forecast to end on 23rd of Dec. Yi

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