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Spokesman for Chinese Defense Ministry condemns Philippines' behaviors
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Spokesman for Chinese Defense Ministry condemns Philippines' behaviors

China will take resolute countermeasures against dangerous behaviors by the Philippines in the Nansha Islands, according to a spokesman for the Chinese Defense Ministry.

Senior Colonel Zhang Xiaogang said in Beijing that the Nansha Islands, including Ren'ai and Xianbin reefs, are China's inherent territories.

"It's legitimate and reasonable for China to carry out law enforcement activities in waters under our jurisdiction," he said.

"In fact, it is the Philippine side that has broke its promises concerning the Ren'ai Reef, played with fire and made provocations to escalate tension. It cooked up and spread disinformation about Xianbin Reef in an attempt to cover up its infringements and provocations. Such behavior is like a thief crying 'stop thief' and fully shows that the Philippine side is undoubtedly the one undermining peace and creating instability."

Zhang made the remarks in response to a request for comment on the Philippines' recent accusations about China's activities surrounding Xianbin Reef.

The spokesman said that the Chinese military remains vigilant and will continue to take all necessary countermeasures against the dangerous, escalatory acts by the Philippine side. Yetao

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