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The “DUO” programme for Chinese babies Christmas 2020
Lee Yuxuan
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The “DUO” programme for Chinese babies Christmas 2020

Since Regent Global and Panda Learning launched the 2020 “DUO” programme during this special Christmas, we have received many photos of cute Chinese babies. Below are introductions of these 13 babies. If you like them, please vote for the lovely babies!

Tiantian & Tangtang (4 years old & 2 years old)


Isabelle Whelan (2 years old)


Mouse (1 year and 20 days)


Zoe (8 years old)


Wumei (8 years old)


Peqi Baby (5 years old)


Huajuan (10 months)


Anna (10 years old)


Little K Cat Baby (6 years old)


Little Pumpkin (1.5 years old)


Little Ou (1 year old)


Wangwang (2 years old)


England Little Panda (3 months)

Voting will close at 12:00 on January 10, 2021.

Panda Learning

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