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This is not a painting, but a beautiful scene of kapok trees in Hainan, China during full bloom
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This is not a painting, but a beautiful scene of kapok trees in Hainan, China during full bloom

Kapok trees bloom in spring, February and March are the best seasons to see Hainan Kapok bloom. Kapok is dyed all over the mountains and fields, permeating the hills, fields and riverbanks. The scenery of contiguous kapok in the tropical rainforest in the mountainous area of central and western Hainan is pleasing to the eye. Here, the fiery red kapok forms a beautiful sunset under the shade of green hills and clouds, which has become admired for its beautiful scenery by tourists who take pictures.

Kapok in the fog. Photo by Yang Wei

Kapok is also known as the hero flower, it is beautiful, vigorous and straight. Whenever the kapok tree is in flowering season, although the tree contains many flowers, there is not a single green leaf, and leaves don’t grow again until the flowers fade. In recent years, the kapok tree has attracted large numbers of tourists.

Kapok is red as fire.Photo by Yang Wei

Changjiang Li Autonomous County is located in western Hainan.

Red cotton reflects the mountains. Photo by FuDe 

There are a large amount of kapok trees growing in the county and this area is known as the "Hometown of Kapok in China". Visitors are enchanted by the beautiful scenery, which is surrounded by mountains and rivers. The blooming kapok sharply contrasts with the green terraced fields, coupled with the misty Changhua River. The beautiful scenery attracts tourists from all over the country.

The fiery red kapok is as beautiful as red clouds under the shade of green mountains and clouds. Photo by Wu Qingbing

Baisha Li Autonomous County, also located in the central mountainous area of Hainan, is also a good place for tourists to enjoy scenes of kapok. Due to its unique geographical location, the forests of Jiujialing in Baisha are surrounded by clouds and mist all year round.

The fiery red kapok matches the layers of terraced fields.Photo by Meng Mingzhu

When the kapok trees are in bloom, the spectacle of clouds and mists, the beautiful sunrise and the glorious scenery all reflect one other. The sea of red flowers is dotted with green mountains and green trees.

The tropical rainforest in the central mountainous area of Hainan is beautiful, and the Baisha Jiujialing kapok blooming season is fantastic.Visitors will feel like they are in the middle of a painting. Photo by Dai Jianwei

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