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Top procurator will oversee Beijing fire probe
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Top procurator will oversee Beijing fire probe

The Supreme People's Procuratorate said on Saturday it will supervise the investigation into a deadly fire that killed 29 people in Beijing on April 18.

The top procuratorial organ has required prosecutors in Beijing to cooperate with public security authorities and other departments to identify those accountable for the accident, consolidate evidence, mete out appropriate punishment and protect the rights of the victims.

It has also urged strengthening traceability management and stepping up prevention against safety risks.

The blaze occurred at Beijing Changfeng Hospital in the capital's Fengtai district. A preliminary investigation showed the fire was caused by a spark emitted by welding during renovation work.

The district's public security authorities have so far detained 15 people from the hospital and construction company, and the probe is still underway.

The SPP added the fire has exposed problems such as poor enforcement in examining and rectifying production hazards and poor implementation of safety standards.

It will continue to heighten its crackdown on the crime of endangering production safety. Yetao

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