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UK-China tech businesses boost cooperation at London Tech week
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UK-China tech businesses boost cooperation at London Tech week

Business leaders attending the ongoing London Tech Week 2024 have reaffirmed their commitment to strengthening cooperation on technology.

The event, now in its 11th year, runs from June 10 to 14. As the largest tech event in Europe, it has attracted over 25,000 attendees from more than 140 countries.

"What is pivotal to making London a global tech leader is its openness to innovation and, above all, its openness to the world," said Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, at the event.

"Chinese investment in London has been very strong over the past couple of years. We've worked with several fintech companies to set up operations here due to the strength of London's financial system," said Neil Brigden, director of Foreign Direct Investment at London & Partners.

Brigden added that London has an ambitious goal of reaching net zero by 2030, with Chinese companies playing a significant role in helping the city achieve these targets.

Russ Shaw, founder of Tech London Advocates & Global Tech Advocates, told Xinhua: "China is a world leader in electric vehicles (EVs), and increasing the number of EVs on the road would help combat climate change."

Rob Durrant, head of Public Relations and Events at OMODA UK, said that the British market has the greatest potential for EV expansion. He noted that the ability of Chinese EV manufacturers to offer advanced technology at competitive prices puts them in a strong position in the British market.

The tech event also provides Chinese innovators with opportunities to establish technological cooperation with United Kingdom businesses.

"We see London as an important innovation hub, offering cities like Shanghai great opportunities for seeking technological cooperation and collaboration," said Zou Shujun, CEO of China National Eastern Tech-transfer Center.

Zai Chengfeng, founder and CEO of CENTI Group, told Xinhua that Chinese companies should seek opportunities internationally, offering high-quality products, services, and technologies to the global market.

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