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World Vocational College Skills Competition comes to a close in Tianjin
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World Vocational College Skills Competition comes to a close in Tianjin

On Aug 13, the first World Vocational College Skills Competition entered its final day. As the "Cross-border E-commerce" competition organized by Tianjin Business Vocational College wound down, all competitions in the Tianjin Division of this event came to a close.

In the past few days, nearly 1,000 players from 70 countries and regions have competed against and learned from each other in about 20 venues in this beautiful port city. The contests were held both online and on site.

"All the competitions are set closely to the national industrial development, focusing on the cultivating industrial talents,” said Geng Jie, director of the Vocational Education Research Center of the Tianjin Academy of Educational Sciences. She added that the competition builds a platform for young students from all over the world to enhance friendship, exchange skills and show their demeanor."

Measuring the diameter of the piston with a micrometer and reading the data stream of the brake pedal status with a car fault diagnosis instrument—this is the scene of Wang Jizhou, a contestant from Tianjin Vocational College of Transportation, in the automotive technology competition.

After discovering a fault in the electrical system of the car, he quickly diagnosed and eliminated the problematic fault calmly and with his focused expression and skillful operation. This won the unanimous affirmation of the spectators.

From the stage of the municipal skill competition, to the national competition, and then to today's world competition, 21-year-old Wang Jizhou interprets "skills making a wonderful life" with his persistence and hard work.

Wang said: "It is vocational education that makes my dream come true, and my youth bloom!" Yi

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