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World's largest stand-alone duty-free store opens in China
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World's largest stand-alone duty-free store opens in China

Haikou International Duty-Free City Shopping Complex, the world's largest stand-alone duty-free store, opened in South China's Hainan Province on Friday, marking another signature project in the province.

Located on the west coast of Haikou next to Xinhai port, a major transportation hub, with a total building area of over 280,000 square meters, the complex features more than 800 brands.

Constructed by China Construction First Group Cooperation in May, 2019, the complex has two floors underground and four floors above the ground, which is equivalent to 39 football fields, using about 41,000 tons of steel.

Next, Hainan will build supporting projects for the complex after it is put into operation to promote pursuing high-level opening-up, said Zuo Qiang, general manager of the constructor.

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