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Xinhua Commentary: For China and U.S., one's success is an opportunity for the other

BEIJING, November 16 - Against the picturesque backdrop of the Filoli Estate in the U.S. state of California on Wednesday, a high-stakes meeting captured the world's attention.

In a significant rendezvous, Chinese President Xi Jinping and his U.S. counterpart, Joe Biden, have had their first vis-a-vis sit-down since their handshake in Bali, Indonesia, last year.

The two heads of state delved into strategic and overarching issues critical to the direction of China-U.S. relations, and on major issues affecting world peace and development.

Head-of-state diplomacy is the compass and anchor of China-U.S. relations. As the two presidents met, the two countries, as well as the rest of the international community are watching with expecting eyes.

The China-U.S. relationship, the most important bilateral relationship in the world, has kept moving forward amid twists and turns.

For two large countries like China and the United States, turning their back on each other is not an option. It is unrealistic for one side to remodel the other, and conflict and confrontation have unbearable consequences for both sides.

Major-country competition is not the prevailing trend of current times and cannot solve the problems facing China and the United States, or the world at large.

Planet Earth is big enough for the two countries to succeed, and one country's success is an opportunity for the other.

As long as they respect each other, coexist in peace and pursue win-win cooperation, China and the United States will be fully capable of rising above differences and find the right way to get along with each other.

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