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2024 "Chinese Bridge" Chinese proficiency competition held in Slovenia
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2024 "Chinese Bridge" Chinese proficiency competition held in Slovenia

Thirteen students from Slovenia's high schools and universities participated in the 2024 "Chinese Bridge" Chinese proficiency competition here on May 15.

The event was organized by the Confucius Institute Ljubljana to promote Chinese Language and culture in Slovenia.

The competition covered speech, Q&A sessions and a talent show. Each contestant spoke in Chinese for three minutes, discussing various topics that included Chinese tea culture, common points between China and Slovenia, the need for better understanding between different cultures, among others.

Contestants also took part in a quiz about Chinese language, culture and history and staged artistic performances, such as creating paintings with Chinese brush, and playing Chinese music instruments.

Patumtip Nuanmalang, the winner of the college students category, impressed the judges with her dance to Chinese music.

"I like the melody of the Chinese language and the fact that it is very useful to be able to speak it," said Nuanmalang. As a prize, she will receive a scholarship that will enable her to study in China for one semester.

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