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UK students express passion for Chinese culture in competition
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UK students express passion for Chinese culture in competition

Eight university students from across the United Kingdom (UK) showcased their language skills and shared their passion for Chinese culture in a Chinese competition held in London on June 6.

During the 23rd "Chinese Bridge" Chinese Proficiency Competition UK Regional Final for university students, each contestant tackled tasks including speech, quiz race, and talent show.

"Looking back at my journey of learning Chinese, I feel very fortunate since it has enabled me to make many new friends and appreciate the depth and breadth of Chinese culture," said Chidimma Daisy Anyakora, the champion of the competition, who she has been learning Chinese only since 2019.

The contestant -- a freshman from the University of Manchester, along with three other winning contestants, has earned the opportunity to compete in the global finals of the competition in China later this year.

"Each of us serves as a disseminator of culture, with fervent passion in our hearts and a broad perspective in our eyes," said Francesca Pala from the University of Leeds, who won second place and the prize for the most eloquent contestant. As an Italian learning Chinese in the UK, she expressed her joy in experiencing how three different cultures echo and flourish together.

Many contestants shared their interest and passion for both traditional and pop culture from China. Some appeared onstage in Hanfu, traditional Chinese dresses, while others performed Chinese pop songs.

The panel of judges for the competition comprised professionals from different backgrounds, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation. It consisted of experts in Chinese language teaching from across the UK, along with representatives from the business and media sectors.

During the competition, Minister Yang Xiaoguang of the Chinese Embassy in the UK delivered a speech highlighting the significance of learning Chinese.

Learning Chinese would provide students with opportunities to "engage in dialogue on major issues concerning the development of humanity and contribute to China-UK friendship and cooperation as well as the advancement of human civilization," he emphasized.

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