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10th Sino-European Entrepreneurs Summit
Chen Sirui
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10th Sino-European Entrepreneurs Summit


On 10thJune, the six-day ‘Sino-European Entrepreneur Summit’ kicked off at the Ironmongers' Hall in London, England. With the theme of “Innovation, Recovery, and Win-Win: A New Era of Business Cooperation between China and Europe”. The summit will revolve around finance, creative culture and medical health. Speeches and discussions will provide an in-depth analysis of the China-EU political, economic, and market environment, as well as jointly explore the international development strategy of enterprises, look forward to China-Europe business innovation cooperation, and seek ways to promote bilateral inclusive economic growth.

The summit is hosted by the China-Foreign Entrepreneurs Association and Platinum Business Consulting. More than 500 Chinese and European political figures, entrepreneurial leaders and experts and scholars will gather in the UK and Ireland for in-depth exchanges and discussions on hot topics such as China's opening up policy and the global economic environment, the coordinated development of China-Europe financial institutions, future urban construction and sustainable development, China's economic transformation, and China-EU cooperation in scientific and technological innovation..

At the opening ceremony, Chinese Ambassador to the UK Liu Xiaoming delivered a keynote speech. He pointed out that for a long time, China and the EU have had a broad consensus on major issues such as improving global economic governance, maintaining multilateralism, and advocating free trade. The two sides have a solid foundation for cooperation. He believes that China and the EU need to strengthen trust and cooperation, consolidate the consensus of ideas; strengthen rules and cooperation, lead innovation; strengthen open cooperation and develop sharing opportunities. 

Graham Stuart MP, the Minister for Investment at the Department for International Trade, gave a speech stating that for centuries, through the exchange of ideas, goods and services, UK-China economic and cultural ties have grown into a global trade relationship worth more than £80 billion a year. He added that the British government is committed to making this country a truly global and independent country, an open trading country, and that China will be an important part of this process. He said that as a member of the "One Belt, One Road" initiative, the UK is also a natural partner of China and will provide major support in the implementation of the “Belt and Road” initiative.

Long Yongtu, former vice minister of foreign trade and economic cooperation and co-chairman of the China-foreign entrepreneurs association, stressed that in the face of severe economic conditions, Sino-British cooperation is imperative. China is turning to high-quality economic development and needs to learn from ‘mature’ European countries, their market economies and entrepreneurial spirit. Long Yongtu said that the “Belt and Road Initiative” is a business opportunity for Central Europe. At the same time, the current form of world economic trade has made Sino-European cooperation urgent. Unilateralism is destroying the foundation of multilateralism and trade protectionism is eroding the world economy. He believes that all countries in Central Europe must unite, adding that trade protectionism will not only destroy China's morale, but will also promote closer cooperation between China and Europe.

Lord Edward Garnier QC, the former Attorney General of England and Wales, stated in his keynote speech that "Many people have often talked about the 'golden age' of Sino-British relations and the golden trade relationship, both in the past and now. But in reality, there is no real so-called 'era'. Only when everyone comes together can we create such an era." Garnier believes that regardless of Brexit or not, the UK is still one of the world's largest economies and will continue to attach importance to relations with China in trade and commerce. No matter what happens in diplomacy and politics, the UK-China economic and trade relationship will prosper forever. "Although we sometimes have differences, it is precisely because there are such summits that we are able to meet and communicate. We can build friendships from this."

Former British Prime Minister and UN Special Envoy Rt Hon Gordon Brown also delivered a keynote speech at the summit. He said that the West still needs to strengthen cooperation with China in the future. Unlike the US-China relationship, the UK and China still need mutual understanding. The UK and China need to engage in dialogue on finance, energy and immigration to reach more trade agreements. He also emphasized how communication between the countries has improved significantly due to the exchange of overseas students and tourism. Brown also stressed that the “Belt and Road” will play an important role in the world financial and political landscape. He pointed out that current industries such as automobiles and technology transfer should pay attention to new energy sources. The use of green energy development will show an upward trend all over the world. China and the West can cooperate with experts who utilize and develop new energy sources and help Africa reduce poverty.

The six-day summit will be held in London, Edinburgh and Ireland. It will include seven forums, a series of special roundtable discussions, quality project recommendations and one-on-one meetings, as well as visits to the top 100 European companies. Many experts, scholars, financial and business people have discussed topics such as the global economy, financial investment, exchanges between China and Europe, deepening cooperation in scientific and technological innovation, education, health and medical care.

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