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All 16 Shanghai districts record zero-COVID community transmissions
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All 16 Shanghai districts record zero-COVID community transmissions

All 16 Shanghai districts have recorded zero COVID-19 community transmissions outside quarantine areas, said Zhao Dandan, deputy director of Shanghai Health Commission at a press conference Tuesday.

To promote a safe and steady resumption of production amid pandemic prevention and control, Shanghai has set up a coordination mechanism for major projects, said Zhu Jianhao, deputy director of the Shanghai housing and urban-rural development committee.

The first batch of 16 projects have resumed work and eight are preparing to follow suit, Zhu said.

The second "white list" for resumption of work is being drawn up.

To make the white list, the project corporation should draw up plans for pandemic prevention and control and work safety management at construction sites to ensure the safety of personnel, machines, materials, construction method, and the environment, Zhu said.

Major project sites that apply for resumption of work must also be "green", so that real-name health management must be carried out for construction personnel in closed areas of construction. 

The resumption of work must be based on current achievements of pandemic prevention and control, Zhu emphasized.

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