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New faces will lead U.S.-China relations, climate ties

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As special climate envoys of China and the United States, Xie Zhenhua and John Kerry have spent years on opposite sides of negotiation tables.

China vows to become a stabilizing force in the world

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Foreign Minister Wang Yi's wide-ranging policy speech at the 60th Munich Security Conference highlighted China's role as a "stabilizing force", which demonstrates the consistency and credibility of the country's foreign policy, analysts said.

The number of domestic tourists during the Spring Festival holiday reached 474 million

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During the eight-day Spring Festival holiday, Chinese tourists took 474 million domestic trips, an increase of 34.3 percent compared to the previous year, according to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of China on 18th of Feb.

Shanghai announces new projects to facilitate financial services

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National Financial Regulatory Administration Shanghai bureau announced on 18th of Feb, the launch of a new project that aims to make the city's financing channels smoother, which is part of Shanghai's efforts to create a more market-oriented, legalized and international business environment by stressing high-quality financial services.

Despite challenges abroad, China continues to attract foreign investment

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China witnessed a net inflow of foreign investment last year even amid challenges posed by overseas central banks' interest rate hikes, official data showed.