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Pic story of rice farmer in Guizhou

By Xinhua -

Zhao Xiangrong, a former truck driver and a chef, returned to his hometown in Guizhou and started planting rice in 2015. Supported and guided by local government and experts, Zhao has developed skills in cultivating rice containing zinc, selenium and other microelement. After six years of hard work, Zhao has accumulated rich experience in sowing seeds, managing field, as well as processing, transportation and storage of rice. 

Improvement of underwater ecosystem in Fenjiezhou Island in Hainan attracts more marine creatures

By Xinhua -

Fenjiezhou Island, located in the Lingshui Li Autonomous County, boasts coral reef ecosystem. Before proper development and management, the coral reefs, as well as seabed ecology, have been severely damaged due to illegal exploitation. To restore the local underwater ecology, Fenjiezhou scenic area authorities, together with oceanic and fishery researchers, have been growing and transplanting corals since 2004.