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Baidu launches college selection service for students
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Baidu launches college selection service for students

Chinese internet search giant Baidu Inc has launched an artificial intelligence-powered service to help candidates that took the national college entrance examination this year choose the universities that best suit them.

Students just need to search "gaokao" (the Chinese nickname for the exam) through the Baidu app. The intelligent tool will analyze enrollment plans, admission scores and the universities same-level students have applied for over the past few years, in accordance with the provincial recruitment policies and candidates' personal scores, to provide references for the selection of universities and majors.

Baidu will continue to deepen cooperation with senior teachers and experienced researchers across the nation to offer answers and professional analysis for the exam, and help students evaluate their scores.

The company has also rolled out a series of livestreaming events, inviting experts from various industries to share their opinions about choices of universities and majors.

In addition, the Beijing-based tech heavyweight inked a strategic partnership with China National Building Material Group Co Ltd on Monday to carry out cooperation in smart logistics, digital mines, smart factories, industrial driverless vehicles, data centers and enterprise AI brains.

The partners will work together to speed up the intelligent and digital transformation of Chinese enterprises, and further deepen the integration of AI with industrial manufacturing. Yetao

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