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BRI nations called on to develop green energy
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BRI nations called on to develop green energy

Vice Premier Han Zheng called on Monday for joint efforts to enable the energy supply in countries participating in the Belt and Road Initiative to shift toward a more efficient, greener and diversified direction, as part of broader efforts to respond to climate change.

In remarks delivered via video link at the Second Belt and Road Energy Ministerial Conference, Han reiterated China's pledges to bolster energy cooperation with different nations under the Belt and Road framework, jointly promote sustainable development of the global energy sector and ensure energy security.

Han's remarks followed President Xi Jinping's announcement last month that the nation will not build new coal-fired power projects abroad and will step up support for other developing countries in developing green and low-carbon energy.

The conference, held in Qingdao, Shandong province, from Monday to Tuesday, bears the theme "Join Hands towards a Greener and More Inclusive Energy Future".

Han noted that energy cooperation under the BRI framework has made significant progress, as various partnerships in the area were established in recent years.

He laid out four proposals to further green energy transformation, urging countries to jointly usher in a green and low-carbon transition in the energy sector.

It is important to deepen cooperation in areas including nuclear power, generating power from new energy sources, and smart energy, and to jointly build a green Silk Road, he said.

He highlighted the need for nations to jointly promote technological innovation in generating power from new energy sources and work together in the research, development and application of clean energy technologies, including those for the purpose of energy conservation and carbon reduction, as well as renewable energy and high-end nuclear power technology.

Han pinpointed technological progress as a key solution to bottlenecks in energy resources. Countries should make joint efforts in pushing forward the sustainable growth of the energy sector, bolster cooperation in energy accessibility and help developing nations to lift their capacity to ensure energy security, he said.

The vice-premier also stressed the need for collective efforts to promote the inclusive growth of the energy sector and respect the rights of different nations in selecting their own energy development strategies.

The conference, jointly held by the National Energy Administration and the Shandong provincial government, is expected to adopt a number of documents, including the "Terms of Reference of the Belt and Road Energy Partnership" and the "Qingdao Initiative for Belt and Road Green Energy Cooperation".

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