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China has provided emergency assistance to over 80 countries and organizations
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China has provided emergency assistance to over 80 countries and organizations

The Chinese government has provided 83 countries and international organizations with emergency assistance to battle the novel coronavirus, Vice Foreign Minister Luo Zhaohui said on Thursday. 

Luo made the remarks at a press conference on China's cooperation with the international community in fighting COVID-19. 

China is working closely with the rest of the world, providing assistance and experience, said Zeng Yixin, deputy director of the National Health Commission. 

The country has activity shared information about COVID-19, and enhanced the technological exchanges with international experts, Zeng noted. China also dispatched experts to other countries to help with their response, he added.

Asked by CGTN about what kind of specific experience China can share with the rest of the world, Luo said China has been fully dedicated to fight against COVID-19 and has gained valuable experiences.  

On one hand, China continues to work hard to ensure the containment of the contagion at home. On the other, China has shared experiences with over 100 countries and organizations to fight against the virus, Luo noted. 

"We have held nearly 20 expert video conferences with over 100 countries," Luo detailed. "We have also sent medical teams to countries severely affected by the coronavirus." 

On February 27, the first medical team was sent to Iran. After that, China sent seven medical teams to Iran, Iraq, Italy, Serbia, and Cambodia.

Meanwhile, China has also actively shared a diagnosis plan with relevant countries in a timely and transparent manner, he added.

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