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China strongly deplores individual countries' interference in the rule of law in Hong Kong: spokesperson
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China strongly deplores individual countries' interference in the rule of law in Hong Kong: spokesperson

China strongly deplores and firmly opposes individual countries' flagrant slandering against the national security law for Hong Kong and interference in the rule of law in the Hong Kong SAR, a Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson said on Tuesday.

Spokesperson Mao Ning made the remarks at a daily news briefing when asked to comment that the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia expressed their concern and even "condemned" a decision made by Hong Kong police, which has issued arrest warrants on July 3 for eight anti-China rioters who have fled overseas, including Kevin Yam.

Noting Kevin Yam and the others have long been engaging in anti-China activities aimed at destabilizing Hong Kong, and have acted in an even more outrageous way to create trouble and continued to instigate the division of the country and subversion of state power after fleeing overseas, acting as pawns for external anti-China forces in their effort to interfere in Hong Kong affairs, Mao said that their abominable moves gravely violate the national security law for Hong Kong, seriously threaten the bottom line of "One Country, Two Systems", severely harm the fundamental interests of Hong Kong and gravely jeopardize China's sovereignty, security and development interests.

"Justice will never be late or absent," she said.

Mao pointed out that the Hong Kong police issued arrest warrants for these destabilizing elements in accordance with the national security law and other local laws. "This is a just act that meets the aspiration of the people and upholds the rule of law, a necessary act for safeguarding the authority of the national security law and protecting the nation's sovereignty and security, and a legitimate act for consolidating the fruits of ending chaos and ensuring lasting stability in Hong Kong. This act is also consistent with international law and customary practice."

Mao reiterated that Hong Kong affairs are purely China's internal affairs and brook no meddling by any external forces, adding that relevant countries need to respect China's sovereignty and the rule of law in Hong Kong, stop lending support for anti-China elements destabilizing Hong Kong, and stop providing a safe haven for fugitives.

"China remains firmly resolved in safeguarding the nation's sovereignty, security and development interests, in implementing 'One Country, Two Systems,' and in opposing interference in Hong Kong affairs by any external forces," she said.

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