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China's central bank releases guide to payment services for foreigners
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China's central bank releases guide to payment services for foreigners

The People's Bank of China, the country's central bank, has released a guide to payment services in China as the latest step of the country's continuous efforts to optimize the payment experience of foreigners.

Available in both English and Chinese, the guide introduces a variety of payment methods accessible to foreigners in China -- ranging from bank cards and mobile payment to cash and e-CNY -- and provides clear instructions on how to use them through texts and illustrative graphics.

The guide highlights that no IDs are required for transactions under a certain amount when foreign visitors use mobile payment services such as Alipay, Weixin Pay and UnionPay, and some international e-wallets are accepted by merchants in China.

The move is seen as a step to put into place a guideline unveiled by the State Council, China's Cabinet, aimed at improving payment services.

Experts said more advances can be expected in enhancing the payment convenience for foreigners this year, especially in scenarios such as using public transportation or taking a taxi.

Liu Chunsheng, an associate professor at the Central University of Finance and Economics' School of International Trade and Economics, said further efforts to improve foreigners' payment experiences in key scenarios, such as public transport and dining, would be critical for helping them better adapt to life and work in China. Yetao

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