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Chinese envoy calls for restraint from Israel amid tensions
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Chinese envoy calls for restraint from Israel amid tensions

A Chinese envoy on Wednesday called for restraint from Israel amid heightened tensions between Israel and Palestinians.

Zhang Jun, China's permanent representative to the United Nations, presided over closed-door consultations of the Security Council on Israeli-Palestinian tensions, the second time this week, in his capacity as council president for the month of May. Zhang also made remarks in his national capacity to elaborate on China's position, according to the Chinese UN mission.

Recent days have seen continued deterioration of the situation in the occupied Palestinian territory. Escalating violence and tensions in East Jerusalem and serious conflicts in Gaza have caused massive civilian casualties. The Palestinian side has written many times to the Security Council, asking the council to pay more attention and take action, said Zhang.

China is deeply concerned about the situation in Palestine. China strongly condemns violence against civilians, and calls on all relevant parties, especially Israel, to exercise restraint, he said.

China urges all parties to immediately end all acts of hostilities, abide by relevant UN resolutions and obligations under international law, and refrain from taking actions that may lead to further escalation. The historical status quo of the holy sites in the Old City of Jerusalem should be upheld and respected, he said.

Efforts must be made to calm the tensions, protect the safety and rights of ordinary civilians, and prevent a full-scale crisis. China supports the United Nations in playing a bigger role in calming the tensions. Shouldering the primary responsibility of maintaining international peace and security, the Security Council should speak with one voice, reaffirm the commitment to the two-state solution and deliver on its mission of maintaining international peace, said Zhang.

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