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Online forum "Stop Asian Hate: The Rise of Racism and the New Cold War" to be held in UK
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Online forum "Stop Asian Hate: The Rise of Racism and the New Cold War" to be held in UK

The online forum entitled "Stop Asian Hate: The Rise of Racism and the New Cold War " organized by No Cold War Britain will be held next Wednesday, 6th October at 7pm UK time. Fiona Edwards, a key organiser and also one of the founders of the organisation, said: " The No Cold War international campaign was launched in July 2020 with the goal of uniting and organising people across the world who believe that the new US-led cold war against China is a threat to world peace and against the interests of humanity.  The campaign has attracted the support of prominent politicians, intellectuals, social movements, journalists, anti-war and peace groups, and individuals from across the globe. 

The election of a new President in the US, Joe Biden, in November 2020 has not led to any softening of US aggression attitude towards China. Unfortunately, the US administration remains determined to stop the peaceful rise of China and is therefore leading a new cold war against Beijing which is being waged on many fronts including economic, diplomatic, military and propaganda. 

Earlier this month, the US militarisation of the Pacific region was escalated with the formation of the new military alliance between Australia, Britain, and the US – AUKUS - in a development that increases international tensions and threats to peace. 

To justify this US aggressive policy, an annual military budget of over $750 billion is being proposed by the US administration with China as the main target. Politicians and the mainstream media in the West are leading a huge campaign to demonise China. This anti-China rhetoric is directly fuelling a horrific increase in anti-Asian racism in both US and Britain.  

There is growing international opposition to this new cold war as more progressive forces speak out. Amongst those opposing the new cold war are members of the Chinese, East and South East Asian diaspora in the West who are mobilising, alongside anti-racist campaigners, to oppose US aggression against China and the increase in anti-Asian racist hate crimes this aggression is fuelling. “

Ms. Zilan Liao, CEO pagoda arts from Liverpool, mentioned: “Being a Peace idealist, No Cold War Britain came to my attention over a year ago for their advocating for peace, active against the US new Cold War and some of its alliances’ roles in this dangerous threat to the world peace. “

Team member Dr. Ping Hua pointed out: “Recently, especially since the easing of the lockdown and the beginning of the new academic semester, racial incidents against Chinese and Southeast Asians living in the UK has occurred more frequently. At present, the Cold War mentality held in the West is becoming ever more prevalent, resulting in the spread of a theory that China is a threat. A recent example is the programme “China’s Magic Weapon"  broadcasted by BBC (, this has highlighted that the rise of recent hate crimes suffered by Chinese in UK is directly linked to the Cold War mentality being spread by Western leaders. 

Overseas Chinese are the backbone of safeguarding and promoting the peaceful development of China. We must continue to tell the true story of China. The online forum on October 6th will help enable this. I would like to encourage everyone to participate and circulate the forum information, thank you.” 

Registration URL:  If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Ping Hua,  email:

Sign the No Cold War founding statement, which was launched in July 2020 to rally international opposition to the US-led new cold war:


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