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Residents to be compensated for flood losses
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Residents to be compensated for flood losses

Residents in the North China city of Zhuozhou, hit by heavy flooding last week, have started receiving compensation for their losses.

Villager Zhao Jianmin received a payout from his insurance company on Tuesday morning for his vegetable greenhouses that were destroyed by floodwaters last week.

"I got 94,800 yuan ($13,100), which is a great relief for me and my family," said the 52-year-old farmer from Ningcun village, adding that he didn't expect the compensation would come so fast.

Zhao said he had been worried and anxious because his family's entire income depended on the greenhouses. "I didn't know what to do. It's all gone."

His tomatoes, planted in five greenhouses over some 5,000 square meters, were all ruined, he said.

Like Zhao, a large number of residents in Zhuozhou have suffered heavy losses from the flooding disaster since the beginning of this month.

For some, floodwaters have ruined their houses while for others the disaster has devastated their livestock and farmlands.

According to data from the local government, more than 130,000 people had been affected by the flood as of Aug 1. The number has increased in recent days.

To their relief, the government in Zhuozhou has started investigating the specific losses of each family as the floodwaters recede and post-disaster reconstruction begins.

Compensation measures will be rolled out after the losses are recorded, according to the city's statistics bureau, cited in a report from news outlet Jiemian on Tuesday.

Several other cities in Hebei submerged by floods have guaranteed timely compensation.

An open letter from the government of Dingxing county in Baoding city released on Monday said that residents in the flooded areas had been cooperative when asked to relocate before the floodwaters came. "We will record your losses and pay compensation," the letter said.

"Due to time constraints, changeable rain and other factors, our work in the transfer, resettlement and services was not that considered and thorough. We are glad to receive criticism for our conduct and beg for your understanding," said another public letter from the government of Yongqing county in Langfang city dated Aug 3.

The county is located in a flood plain of the Yongding River where heavy rainfall has forced residents in more than 60 villages to be relocated temporarily.

The county's government guaranteed that adequate compensation will be provided to villagers for their losses in crops, breeding, housing, agricultural machinery and other aspects.

In Langfang's Anci district, which is also located in the flood plain, nearly 50,000 residents from 84 villages were relocated. "They have made a great contribution in the process," a public letter from the district government said on Thursday.

"I feel relieved seeing the government has not forgotten us, and I believe we can recover together," farmer Zhao said.

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