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Visitors to Hangzhou Zoo surge after human-like sun bear goes viral
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Visitors to Hangzhou Zoo surge after human-like sun bear goes viral

The number of visitors to the bear enclosure of the Hangzhou Zoo has increased by about 30 percent after a sun bear that looks like a human went viral on the internet, said Jiang Zhi, deputy director of the zoo.

Visitors are flocking to take pictures of the bear, and some  have tried to interact with it, hoping to see its bipedal posture.

Previously, videos of a Malayan sun bear standing on its hind legs became popular on social media, triggering public speculations that it was actually a human dressed in costume.

The Hangzhou Zoo denied the rumor and confirmed that it was a real Malayan sun bear named Angela.

“People can’t stand wearing costumes for a long time when the temperature reaches 40 degrees Celsius,” said Jiang, adding that there is another sun bear living in the area.

“We will set up more display boards in the bear area to increase knowledge of bears among visitors,” he said.

In order to prevent bears from heatstroke, the zoo has supplied enough water in the bear area for them to play and cool down. Fruits, such as watermelons, pears and apples, have been prepared as well, said Jiang.

“We welcome citizens and tourists to visit the zoo to help us improve our work,” Jiang added.

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