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Pic story: a former serf's new life in China's Tibet

By Xinhua -

When Tenzin Tsomo was a child, her family had to graze sheep for serf owner while begging for a living. Driven to despair, they stole the sheep of serf owner and ran away. It was not long before the serf owner caught them back. Tenzin Tsomo's father was beaten into disabled. Their tent was taken away, so the family had to live in a cave. Tenzin Tsomo's life has undergone tremendous changes since the democratic reform that started in 1959. She got married to a local official of Tibetan ethnic group, who worked at the village for the democratic reform policies. Influenced by her husband, Tenzin Tsomo applied to become a volunteer and participated in the policy publicizing. In 1962, she joined the Communist Party of China. Nowadays, Tenzin Tsomo's family has over a hundred of livestock. In 2020, the family moved into a new house funded by the government.